Friday, February 26, 2010

time is ticking

do you ever feel as if the clock is ticking, and there is not enough  time to get everything done?  do you have to choose what is most important ever minute of everyday?  Do you ever choose the wrong things or make things worse because you want to accomplish a task of some sort. I do all of those things, ask my kids I am a slave driver........I love to get projects done, finished, out of the way, and sometimes I feel like her.......
and it seems like most days I do more of these than anything else.

   What happened to these fantasy homemakers?

thank goodness these days are behind us..

and these............somedays I wished I had an "Alice" to give me milk and cookies and set the table for dinner.

yet,  here I am in this century trying to raise my family against the odds, of everything that makes life good and peaceful.  I am a little tired somedays, I deserve to be a little stressed out  I am a women and mother in this day and time and I, like you, am a  fighter.  A fighter for home a fighter for  peace.  Here's to all of us that give our days to homemaking and find joy in it, or at least we have those fleeting moments of joy.  Here is one of my favorites...............

Happy Homemaking..............

Friday, February 19, 2010

snow birds

Today the snow is falling lightly and I am enjoying a few moments sitting in my studio, looking at my little blue bird treasure  found yesterday while working on our summer art nest retreat with Julie. It is a bird that has been broken a few times, probably fallen off of a table or dropped by a little child's hand.  There are chips and a few bits of glue. The bottom stand  has the most damage.

so she is  a little broken, and a little worn. She has  little flaws that  sometimes can be hidden but there are sometimes  big cracks in her soul that are the size of the great divide, still somehow she gets back together, glued piece by piece by the loving arms of the savior, until she can stand again.

Then she is  even more beautiful.  He molds her  and keeps us in his arms until her  glue dries and she can stand up again without help.  She starts to fly again,  she starts to forget about the cracks and continues on throughout her days, pretty soon  she can't remember how she got put back together in the first place, she starts to forget, how broken she was  and her gratitude to God becomes mundane.

and then she rested and took a still moment to refresh her little mind and spirit, she  remembered her creator and his  healing hands.

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I shall give you rest.
 (St. Matthew 11:28)

sending you love, peace and a snowy rest this day.........candice

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy valentines day

Hope your day was filled with lovely notes and hearts...........and a pair of red  shoes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Place and Time

Do you love having a day to go to your favorite junk stores to find treasures?  I have been sifting through junk  since I was a little girl.  On our very large farm there were many old sheds and buildings that were full of someone else's junk.  We (my brothers and sisters) would sort carefully looking over every little item.

this is my sister and I in front of our wild marigold bushes..........

We would think  about the people who used to love these things and what they were feeling when they used these items.  We even had an old chicken coop that we used as our club house, hidden  there we would stack our most valued treasures, someone else's junk.  I come from a long line of treasure collectors, my grandfather was a rock hound, a real rock hound. He had more rocks and little treasures than anyone in his town.   He would let me sit in his shop and polish rocks with him for hours on end.  My rocks were just dirty little pebbles shined to beauty, but he still let me put them in the tumbler.  He even took me to the city dump one day and let me rummage around for treasures, I would fill my pockets with tiny trinkets, but one favorite time I found a  cherry red bicycle with a banana seat.  He put the broken down bicycle in the back of his truck  and we admired it with great glee.  He helped me fix the bike up to almost perfect.  It rode pretty well even on our dirt road.  Now, where I live  there are no city dumps, and I don't have any old sheds to go through at the moment.  So I make due looking for a new junk shop or going to my local thrift stores.  I still get that tickle in my stomach as I sift through the memories of others.  I adore used items, they speak to me  and they feel good when you pick them up, like someone or somehow they have the energy of another place or time.

these two chairs I found junking this week.  The owner had refinished them in a green paint with a leopard print cushion, what you can't see is they are tiny enough for my small ones to sit in and put their feet on the ground. One has coasters the other not, we will get some soon.  They are perfect to roll around in our family room for reading or game playing.

My stash of clothes and other fabrics I found.........

the red poncho was for $1.00.  It is crochet by hand and such a lovely soft red,  I don't know if I can wait  until Valentines to wear it.  I also found a nice tweed skirt to go with my anthro stockings.  I love junking, but my new favorite thing is putting salvage or junk items with urban.  More to come on that later...........Happy Junking!!!!!!!!!!!!