Friday, November 23, 2007

Count your Blessings

Happy thanksgiving. I hope your day was a day full of joy , surrounded by your loved ones . A day of laughter and forgiving. Set the table and they will feast on their blessings...........
My sweet mother in law basking in the sunlight. this is where all the adorable red heads come from.
The girls peeling potatoes, they were loving this, and I didn't mind a bit.
the pies Amanda made, this one was a favorite, peach and blueberry.

the boys who share the family traits.
Amanda, my sister-in-law and also my dear friend. We both married Elton boys. After dinner we gathered around the piano for a little singing. Amanda has a gorgeous voice, among her other talents. the kids all performed for their grandparents, even Brig played and sang, quite amazing for a seventeen year old.

I hope your day was filled with many reflections of your blessings. People remembered and missed, happy moments all around as you danced to the music of family love............Happy thanksgiving to all of my friends out in this wonderful artist community. I am so blessed to have all of you who have lifted and inspired me beyond words. Love...........C.