Tuesday, March 10, 2009

art nest 2009

as i returned home from this wonderful experience, i had to get right back to school, family and other things i had neglected for a bit, but i had new renewal and vision. It was the people who came that made the difference.  The amazing artists and teachers who were open to learning about themselves and made time to visit and listen to each other.  I learned we are all very similar in that we process emotion through our art, that living and being thrown around through the hard knocks of life leaves us volnerable and open to life's changes. I opened my eyes to others grief and sadness, to hard things we all have to deal with.  I saw happiness and creative energy seeping out through paint strokes and messy hands.  I was amazed at the amount of talent that each of our nesters had, and the way the teachers were able to help us to let go and enjoy the moment.

people came from all over the united states.  Here are our two gals from California, can you tell they have that glow.

Here is Kelly working hard on her piece from Maty's class. 

creative bliss................
look at the smiles on their faces..........

Heidi working hard on this masterpiece.

Lorie Garver's lovely work.

Art Work from Maty's class

Maty Rose  the queen of whimsical Boho.

Jane Wynn got us in the zone for perfect sodering, can you believe this was her first trip flying by herself and she didn't get her luggage until the second day and was still  calm and beautiful.

Cassondra and her darling bird.   Our little helper doing more than she should have, serving and taking care of us all. she did more dishes than one gal should do in a lifetime.

 My "Know yourself" piece from Kelly Rae's class. 

more work from Kelly Rae's class

a few odds and ends that were left in the study as we packed up to leave. It was hard to pack everything up and go back home after another art nest, but my heart was full and my creativity blooming thinking of each of the nesters going home to their very different lives but feeling connected to each other in a way that doesn't seem real.  So, I say to each of you  fly and use those wings to soar to new heights, and hopefully  you will find your own nest of gratitude, safety and happiness. That is my wish.

p.s. i promise to blog more