Monday, May 26, 2008

Beautiful Memories

to remember those who have gone before with love and admiration. On Saturday our family spent the day helping my sister in law Carmen with her yard. It is kind of a family tradition that we do service for someone who has gone before. This time my brother who died two years ago last February. We weeded, then mulched, and shared memories and fun while the kids helped right along with us. His boys twelve, nine, and three, with our kids, and all the neighbors joining in on the fun. It seems working can be fun and extremely rewarding. Much to their surprise. As we shoveled mulch out of the truck each child taking turns dumping the buckets it healed us, remembering uncle Stan and his love for life, his love for service and his wonderful light personality. Afterwards we went to his grave sight and the kids jumped, played, and even made crayon rubbings of the gravestone. Children know how to grieve in their own way..............the memory of such a wonderful man goes on in his children.

Happy memorial day to all of you as you think of those who you have gone before ..........i give you my love and peace this day.