Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The nina post

Okay i promised another artfest post. Taking a class from Nina has been something i have always wanted to do. Just looking at her book was inspiration enough to get me started. My first time using Mica pieces. It made everything look so old and finished. We hammered and hammered, I am sure Nina was getting a headache. She taught us how to use all of your favorite things you've been collecting, like my wasp nest, in a beautiful way. I will finish this book and love it, because it is part of me and the things i enjoy. I had a great time getting to know Nina better, she is a sweetie and very genuine.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Artfest 2008

Artfest 2008 in Port Townsend Washington hosted by Teesha and Tracy Moore was an artist's dream for a few lovely days. The weather was sunny (for Washington) and the ocean edge was just the right place to cozy up with some art friends. Julie and i flew out on Wednesday morning and bummed around Seattle, finding a great antique store, and the local fire house. You can always count on a fireman to help you get where you need to go.

i even need my fire guy when i am away.

Julie outside this vintage dinnerware shop. In the back of the store we found a box with some brocade gold fabric curtain panels in it. On the box was a sign that said "make me an offer" Julie offered $6, and he took it, good thing i kept my mouth shut i was going to offer $12.

Another shot of this eclectic display. He had me interested with the fresh flowers outside the shop. The dishes were great all gathered together by color and style. I wish i could have bought some to bring home.

Thursday's class Annie Lockhart...............

My first class with Annie Lockhart. What a sweetie, her wonderful talent of putting old memories together into something beautiful was the highlight of the day. I made my piece out of a very old fishing bag and some other nature things, the meaningful addition to my piece inspired by Annie was the dried daffodils from my brothers funeral two years ago, and the seven pearls in the seed pod for my sweet family.

I used some fishing lures that Annie gave me. I will always cherish this piece, because it reminds me of gathering days with my children, and the many hours my brother and i spent exploring the old junk on our farm.

my box of gathered memories i brought for Annie's class.

Julie's piece made from a small book that opens up. "Peace be With You" is the title. Beautiful.

i loved this ladies work so much. She was in our class and had such artistic ability. If anyone knows her name please let me know.

Here are some of my favorites from show and tell. Karen O' Brien created this in Judy Wise's class. I love it.

This darling girl, is fourteen years old. She did both of these pieces. What talent......

tomorrow i will post about the amazing class with Nina Bagley. Time to kiss the kiddies goodnight.