Monday, January 28, 2008

Kashi goodness

This is my new best friend. Trying to eat a healthy lunch with a busy schedule? These will make you feel pampered and totally satisfied. They come in all flavors and are a mere 350 calories. Stacked with fresh veggies and the lovely Kashi seven grain pilaf. 18 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. The Sweet and sour Chicken even has roasted green beans and peppers. Have i convinced you to go buy a few????

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

january january

I am a bad blogger!!! i can admit it. I can't figure out how to fit this into my life. I would much rather look at your beautiful blogs and art, than take time to post about mine. I have been on a creative high lately getting ready for art nest. making and planning and fussing about the details. We are going to have such a fabulous group this time. I have however found one thing that has helped me to be a little more organized and to make art everyday.

This ledger has great open space and all the info you need to look at a week at a glance.

I can doodle and design while I am doing the everyday things that need to be done. As you can see I am running quite a bit, i am training for a half marathon in March. My life always goes better when i can run...........i will post about running soon, i love running......but taking an hour for myself on a saturday in the middle of the day for my long run is hard to do, the ledger helps me to fit it all in...........

this ledger is published by Andrews McMeel publishing, LLC. Delsie Chambon, is the Art Director and you can get this on Amazon. In Tune With Nature 2008 calendar.
Happy Winter organizing.........