Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Creative Bliss

What a time I had in Port Townsend enjoying a few days of creative bliss at Art Fiber Fest. Here I am on the Ferry crossing the Puget Sound. I do love an adventure............
This is the car I happened to rent, What luck.............I enjoyed my drive enveloped in the trees and the beauty of the sea air. The rest of the time was spent taking wonderful classes and enjoying the beauty of my surroundings. I wandered through the neighborhood admiring their lovely yards and green foilage, ending my run at the ocean watching seagulls dive down for food. One day it was so cold that my legs were bright red and stinging. I ran back to my dorm and hoped into the shower and just let the hot water get my legs warm, outside the window I could see the ocean and hear the wind ...........it was one of those moments, you know the kind when you are totally connected with yourself and nature. I was still and satisfied.

Here is my room. It was cold I was glad I brought my blanket and coat. At night I would sit and journal and visit with the other Art Fest Gals.......... Just a few photos of my experience, it was fabulous. A doll (Blithe) and my art peice from Alma Strollers class.

My haul from Vendors night. The dolls and yarn are from LampesLumps.

This is Pam Garrisons rug hooking house, we all loved it. Mary Stanley taught this class, it was a big hit. They called themselves the "Happy Hookers."

My friend Laurie trying to imitate this creature........
This is a Wooly Beast from Keely's class. I'm not sure who made this one, isn't it great?

Kristy Steiner with her adorable sister. Who is also an artist of jewelry and design.
Lisa Call's pursescape, made in Keely's class.

Fabric Oddities from Alma's class.
One of Keely's dolls.

My fabric journal from Pam Garrison's class.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sweet and Sinister

Creative Muse, my swap partner, sent me this sweet and sinister package yesterday. Everything was adorable, So much talent out of this mom who has twins!!!! Where does she find the time?

Look at these roses she makes out of ribbon. I adore these!!! she sales them in her Etsy shop.
Each item was wrapped in black or white tissue paper. In the jar some vintage buttons and a rosette made from silver vintage thread.
In each canister there are adorable vintage items, buttons, black sequins and ribbons.
And the cookies.......they are delicious. I need this recipe Stacy!!!!
thank you Stacy "Creativemuse". If you get a chance go and visit her lovely wares. This is another fabulous swap hosted by artsy mama go to her website for more sweet and sinister.