Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happiness in the Mail

Do you love to get packages in the mail? I do..... they make me so happy.

This came from Sweet Petunia a jewelry designer and teacher who came to the nest last summer. I was the winner of her blog drawing. This bag is from Trader Joes. All the goodies were with it. Thank you Lisa really made my day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yesterday a big surprise in the mail, my Artfest booklet. It is adorable........ the theme for this year is Forest Walk.

Some of the art work was made by some of Teesha 's friends, for a Zine she is creating called Hedgehog Log. These pieces were made by Pam Garrison, love her work.........

This is my first year going to Artfest. Julie and I are going together and what a treat it will be, to spend some days making art and looking for Hedgehogs?
Some exciting things happening at the nest for February......................

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Real Life

Today was one of those days that you just can't get into a groove. Everything seems pointless, i felt like a leaf floating in the wind trying to make sense of what I am doing. Knowing what I want to feel like, not knowing how to make it happen. I prayed, then went about my day trying to see God's beauty and love. I got called to the school because Gracee( my first grader) wanted to come home. She was missing me? imagine that. So I went to her class and had lunch with her. As soon as I walked into her classroom she ran right to me and hugged me like there was no letting go , she showed me her paper dog and introduced me to her friends. We had lunch together then played hop-scotch on the playground. I felt so Happy!!!!!!!!!!I I love spending time with children and have done so for most of my life. I was so grateful for those sweet faces. that turned my day around.

Then I was just looking for something to listen to while I did the laundry, and remembered Melody Ross's blog. She is the founder of Chatterbox. I listened to her podcast. It was so real, raw even, about her struggles and triumphs with life. It made me think. I want to be more real....... more open. That is when life happens. People connect. Living Honestly and more open.

Something real about me. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for the last few years. Depression runs in my family. Things that were so easy for me became hard: like getting up in the morning, going out with friends, playing games, even running and doing art. All of things used to make me happy, yet I couldn't force myself to do any of them. I pushed people away and started turning inward for support, and there was nothing there. Depression is hard to explain. I remember years ago I knew all of these Women who were on Prozac and I judged them, Saying "if they could just do this............they wouldn't need the drugs". I was wrong, sometimes people do need the drugs. It is hard to explain when you feel like you have lost someone, yourself. The real down point for me was when I watched home videos of myself and I was laughing and having fun. I was so sad........I missed her..........I didn't know how I had changed so much. You may know people who are depressed because of thier circumstances or the way they are living. I had nothing to be depressed about, from the outside looking in I had everything. I have learned some coping skills and had lots of support from my husband. I Keep hoping someday it will go away, in fact I have asked God to help it go away. I have come to realize that God lets us have things like this in our lives for a reason. It is to learn to love.........It is all about love, this is the purpose of living. I love others who struggle with this. I love myself more for getting through hard days, I love my family more and they have learned to love me more. I love God more for sending help whenever I ask, and he always does........

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What is in Your Studio?

Random pics of things in my studio. A piece of fabric that is yearning to be made into one of those darling aprons.
A basket of eggs and nests from the Art Nest. I just can't seem to change these yet.My Misty piece that I love.......with my Art Fiberfest doll waiting for some inspiration. Help..................
Vintage Bulbs just waiting to be put on a tree. I have had a big holiday mess in my studio all summer; that I am now going to put away until after Halloween.

What is in your studio?? Post a few photos on your blog this week and leave a comment directing us to your studio..........