Thursday, August 23, 2007

Little read

On Monday I had the best day. I woke up late... drove to my favorite piece of road and biked for about an hour, sat in the sun and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, went out to lunch with my daughter, then spent the rest of the day making this little book. It was a wonderful day and a great feeling to have time to myself to make Art.

I collage some of the pages in the book using a tape technique I learned from Sally Jean. Some of the pages I collaged then ripped them to fit the book, using tape to adhere them after the fact.
Then I added my doodles and more paint. The Tape takes on such a cool texture.

My Halloween pages. These were so fun . I could do a whole little Book on Halloween and Fall.
Surprisingly this is all done in a little memo notebook. I didn't know if it would hold together but the tape has strengthened it. I left some pages taped and painted so I could add little bits and pieces as I get the chance. I punched out peices of the leftover collage for added interest.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have an obsession for old suitcases...These are two of my favorites filled to the top with vintage fabrics and finds. Do have a place to store your things???